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Vigil unites students of different racial ethnicities

Small lights shined around Hofstra Hall as students gathered to remember Trayvon Martin. Julian Bond speaks at event before vigil. Full story

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Pride, Politics & Policy:Game Changers come to campus

Authors of Game Change, McCain's former campaign advisor and CNN's Wolf Blitzer talk about the 2012 election. Full story

This Week in News

  • Public Safety Briefs

    A student returning to her parked car on North Campus on April 26 discovered the rear windshield smashed. The NCPD was notified and prepared a report.

  • door

    Knock, knock, who’s there?

    Maintenance clarifies policy on room entries

    Sophomore Jaclyn Cifuni heard a knock on her dorm room door one Saturday afternoon. Cifuni was lying in bed in Nassau/Suffolk and chatting with her roommate. They did not answer the door. Hofstra maintenance workers let themselves into Cifuni’s dorm room and said that they had to check something in the room, even though she did not recall any problems in her suite. Cifuni described the two-minute visit as “really awkward.”

  • brand

    Book sales for Baseball Brand

    New scholarship named in honor of late professor

    For months, English majors have been getting emails about the book sale on the second floor of Mason Hall. The books are only $1 each and range from Melville to Freud, donated by teachers from the English department. Since it began at the beginning of the 2011 fall semester, the book sale has raised well over $1,300.

  • sga clubs

    SGA rearranges offices to accomodate 40 clubs

    SGA reached a decision Tuesday night concerning the relocation of 40 club offices after over two hours of debate and deliberation.

  • hope

    5th Annual Relay shows for a cure with $100,000 donation to cancer research

    “If you haven’t done it, do it. If you’ve done it, do it again,” said Hofstra sophomore Dwayne Lindsey, who ran for 12 consecutive hours at Hofstra’s Relay for Life fundraiser last Saturday. This is the second year in a row that Lindsey has run for the entire length of the Relay, motivated by his grandfather’s struggle with cancer.